“The Dental PPA… A Better Way”™

Dentists – join

A Better Alternative to Managed Dental Care!

Private practice dentists in your area formed The Dental PPA for the purpose of ensuring that our patients’ employers were able to afford quality dental insurance coverage. The Dental PPA is a non-profit organization that reimburse member dentists at his/her individual, filed accepted fee schedule. PPA stands for (Dental) Private Practice Association. Only private practice dentists are eligible for membership in The Dental PPA.

There is growing interest in The Dental PPA plans by many employers in your area because The Dental PPA’ plans offer lower premiums for dental plans without reducing benefits or the dentist’s reimbursement. To ensure access to these quality dental plans, we have been asked to invite you to participate as a member dentist in The Dental PPA network.

Your membership will guarantee that you are reimbursed at your 80th percentile accepted fee schedule. Remember, The Dental PPA was created by dentists in order to protect the dentist/patient relationship and to ensure the highest quality of care. AND, The Dental PPA network cannot be sold to any other network or insurance company. That means your best interest and your fee schedule will always be protected.

For a copy of the Bylaws please e-mail thedentalppa@onekate.com