“The Dental PPA… A Better Way”™


The Dental PPA Plans

A new Opportunity for large and small businesses to save 10~20% on their dental plan cost.

The Choice is Yours!

Businesses of all sizes can self fund or guarantee your annual cost under an insurance contract.

The Control is Yours!

Change or alter the plan design to fit your employees’ specific needs and your budget.

The Savings are Yours!

For the first time, The Dental PPA is available to companies with as few as 20 employees.

Streamline How You Do Business!

  • One premium ~ One billing statement.
  • Dedicated Eligibility Coordinator assigned to your account.
  • Rates guaranteed for one year.
  • Financial and management reports for groups over 100.

Take Advantage Of Our Plan Design

  • Choose a deductible to meet your employees’ needs.
  • Choose your annual benefit.
  • Orthodontic coverage is available.

Choose Your Own Dentist

The Dental PPA was formed by a group of private practice dentists who joined together to provide the best care for the lowest cost.

Our private practice dentists take pride in their work and will provide your employees with superior dental care.

The Dental PPA is broker friendly. You can continue to access the services of your current insurance broker.

With The Dental PPA, your employees choose their own local dentists or specialist.

Employees get more coverage for their benefit dollars.

Employees have freedom to choose their dentist.

Our Dental PPA is a non-profit corporation formed by practicing dentists for the purpose of assuring the availability of cost competitive quality care by your local community dentists.

Our Dental PPA networks are comprised of well credentialed, independent dentists ~ practicing in all specialties ~ who have agreed to work in partnership with employers to reduce the cost of professional and administrative services.

Quality Care . . .

Our Dental PPA utilization management assures that the cost of dental treatment is controlled, not simply shifted to the employee.

Cost Savings . . .

The Dental PPA is your best choice ~ offering the greatest opportunity for savings. Our network dentists have agreed to accept our claim payment resulting in savings of thousands of dollars for both the employer and employee each year.